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Sales of solar energy equipment rising

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Marrakech, Morocco — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 28 October 2010 – General Electric Company (GE) “’ the world’s biggest maker of power-plant turbines “’ says its Middle East and African  sales should rise as demand increases for electricity and health-care services, including solar energy equipment and medical information systems.

“Saudi Arabia’s goal of pushing electricity output to almost 80 gigawatts by the first half of next decade from 40 gigawatts now will help drive purchases,” said Nabil Habayeb, who oversees the Middle East and Africa regions for GE.

“It’s about how do you diversify the technology for power generation, Habayeb said here in an interview at the World Economic Forum. “So solar energy becomes an extremely important part of the planning for power- generation growth across the whole region,” he emphasises.

GE “’ whose power-generation equipment provides one-third of the world’s electricity “’ unveiled an expansion of its solar business this month. The region is one of the energy division’s biggest customers, led by Saudi Arabia, whose 500 gas-fired GE turbines produce about 20 gigawatts of power there.

Based in Fairfield, Connecticut, GE obtained about US$10 billion (R68 billion) of its US$157 billion (R1 000 billion) in 2009 sales from the Middle East and Africa. “Sales will rise to meet the needs of a growing population,” Habayeb said.

“We see that based on the orders that are being placed across all sectors, whether it’s power, water, health care or aviation, we continue to see positive growth,” he stated.