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SAIEE to provide workshops at African Utility Week

The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) is to host two days of free practical workshops during the African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa event during 13th and 14th of May at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). These CPD-accredited technical workshops will take place on the event’s expo floor for all electrical engineers, technicians and contractors working in the power and water industry.

The SAIEE has grown to a membership of over 6,000 professionals engaged in the full range of electrical engineering and related activities including academic research, manufacturing, electronics, telecommunications, measurement and control, mining, and power infra-structural services. Andre Hoffmann, SAIEE senior vice president says, “South Africa Inc. is at a critical juncture in its development as a country, having achieved much in political emancipation since 1994. However, we remain critically poised on a fine balance that may tip us economically and send us spiralling towards a more unpleasant future.”

He continues: “the vision of a South Africa that has degenerated into a chaotic state of civil strife precipitated by degrading service delivery infrastructure should be frightening enough to jolt us out of our complacency. Is this the future that we want for ourselves, our children and grandchildren?”

According to Hoffmann, “South Africa is not an island. It exists in a globally competitive environment and its infrastructure that supports the economy cannot be left to degenerate without affecting our medium and long term sustainability as a country. There is little point in refining and perfecting our specialised disciplines if Rome is burning. Let’s fix the problem, let’s set a course for a future that we all actually want to live in and then we can go back to business as usual.

“Technology does not exist in isolation of society, it is developed and implemented to benefit society and it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Delegates to the African Utility Week need to use the opportunity to build and strengthen their professional networks and appreciation of the new developments in the various technologies available to them.”

He adds: “furthermore I believe that a concerted effort needs to be made in lobbying with government and policy makers to reinforce the role of the trained and competent professional engineer or technologist in capacitating government utilities to run effectively and sustainably over the expected economic life-cycle of the investment.”

The Electrical Engineering Workshops at African Utility Week, hosted by the SAIEE, will include:

  • Maintenance: protection and automation in electrical distribution systems
    Fana Nhlapho, Technical and Training Manager, Lucy Electric
  • Online condition assessment of medium voltage networks
    John Sherriff, Sales and Service Director, Martec
  • Special bonding in high voltage cables and introduction to large conductor
    Pravesh Haripersad, General Manager: Power Installations, CBI Electric:
  • African Cables
  • Set up and configure a Wireless M receiver for reading smart water meters
    Petrus van Heerden, Country Manager, Kamstrup
  • What engineering obstacles need to be solved to deploy a successful smart grid?
    Lungile Mginqi and Steve Apps (Pr Eng), Smart Grid Leadership, Accenture
  • Medium voltage accessories
    Aad van Oosten, Technical Director: Tank Services, CBI Electric
  • Pulse closing – a new fault-testing technology
    Roger Marin, Managing Member, EBM
  • Secure remote access
    Tertius Hyman, Technology Engineering (Control Plant), Eskom
  • Operational impact of integrating renewable energy within the Western Cape
    Naniki Lukhele, Network Optimisation Senior Engineer, Eskom
  • Energy management using cloud technology
    Doug Young, Director, Electric Assemblies
  • Engineering data retrieval
    Meenal Vala, Project Engineer, Eskom
  • Energy management Standards and systems
    Alf Hartzenburg., Senior Project Manager, National Cleaner Production Centre of SA

Confirmed attendance from a variety of utility CEOs will add to the discussions at African Utility Week as the annual CEO Forum brings together top representatives from Eskom, the Ugandan Electricity Generation Company, Eko Distribution Company, Senelec and NamPower.  This forum, which brings together utility CEOs to collaborate on the development of the sector, starts with a dinner on Monday 12 May and discussion sessions include insights into the Power Africa Initiative and the role of smart in utilities.

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