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SA tries to curb harmful Eskom emissions

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Cape Town, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 09 December 2010 – The South African government has approved a draft carbon tax policy as part of its efforts to curb harmful emissions from the continent’s top polluter.

Last year power utility Eskom and petrochemicals group Sasol “’ the world’s largest maker of fuel from coal “’ topped a list of the country’s worst polluters, collectively spewing out some
290 Mt of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Eskom “’ which uses mostly coal-fired power stations to supply the bulk of power in South Africa, and is one of the world’s top single polluters “’ alone accounted for 220Mt.

“The tax policy represents the environmental and economic rationale for carbon tax measures to address climate change, monitoring and evaluation minister in the presidency Collins Chabane told journalists.

The proposed tax, which will be released for public comment soon, seeks to influence consumer and producer behaviour through a pricing mechanism.

Three carbon emissions tax options are being considered by government “’ a direct tax on actual measured emissions, a fossil fuel input tax based on carbon content, and an output tax that could be applied to emitters where fuel is burnt.