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SA revises its solar water heating programme

South Africa’s department of energy (DoE) says that the country’s effort to introduce a new procurement model for the national solar water heating (SWH) programme is at an advanced stage. Government has decided to stop the subsidisation of imported SWH systems in favour of local manufacturing to increase job creation, industrialisation and the socio-economic impact of the programme.

Working with other government departments such as the Departments of Trade and Industry,

National Treasury, Higher Education and Training, Public Enterprises and Economic

Development, and Eskom, the Industrial Development Corporation and the South

African Bureau of Standards (SABS), the DoE says this this revised contracting model as the only basis for accessing government subsidies under the SWH rebate programme.

The Department of Energy has concluded the evaluation of the potential manufacturers of the SWH systems. The list of compliant manufacturers will be announced as soon as the South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS) has completed due diligence and independent verification of the manufacturers, which will be in April 2014. Once this is done, the

DoE, working with Eskom and municipalities will implement the revised contracting model which will include localisation and skills development. The rollout of the new model will start in the current financial year 2014/15.

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