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Power saving plan for Botswana’s BCL

5 Februry 2008 – The BCL mine has developed a load shedding plan in response to power shortages affecting Botswana. The company confirmed they had engaged the services of an energy audit consultant to identify areas where savings could be made, without it affecting business.

Mining1_pg42_1:2005"BCL is fully aware of the power shortage in southern Africa and Botswana and committed to contributing meaningfully to the power conservation effort. We have developed a load shedding plan that allows us to comply with such requests with minimum disruption to our operations," said Gerald Ndlovu, divisional manager in charge of marketing and communications.

He added that the mine encouraged and support the drive to use energy saving bulbs and encouraged its employees to be more energy conscious.

BCL consumes approximately 18 % of the Botswana Power Company’s electricity.