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Nuclear for a low carbon economy?

A report by the International Energy Agency and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development have said that roughly a quarter of global electricity could be generated by nuclear power by 2050, requiring a tripling in nuclear generating capacity but making a major contribution to reduced CO2 emissions.

This target has been describe as "ambitious but achievable."

Said Luis Echavarri, of OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency:  "Nuclear is already one of the main sources of low-carbon energy today,"

"If we can address the challenges to its further expansion, nuclear has the potential to play a larger role in cutting CO2 emissions."

In order to reach the goal, "a clear and stable policy commitment (by governments) to nuclear energy as part of an overall energy strategy is a pre-requisite," the report said.  It went on to say that no major technological breakthroughs would be needed to reach this goal, although efforts to win greater public acceptance of nuclear energy would be critical.

Nuclear power at present provides 14% of global electricity.