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Nordex invests in SA socio-economic upliftment

In support of their contributions to South African socio-economic development and positive economic growth, German wind turbine manufacturer, Nordex, has initiated the Nordex Education Trust which recently appointed its third Trustee, Dr. Sindiswa Stofile.

Dr. Sindiswa Stofile, a professor in Educational psychology at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) joins Nordex trust trustees Anne Herschel, Nordex South Africa Managing Director and Thembi Changonda, in their attempts to drive education in local communities by disseminating valuable information on renewable energy.

‘The Nordex Trust’s focus is on educational initiatives that builds local capacity and broadens the understanding of the renewable energy sector in historically disadvantaged communities where Nordex operates’, Anne said in a statement.

Changonda echoed their enthusiasm toward social upliftment in the local communities:

‘We are excited about the potential to contribute to socio-economic transformation by way of education and training, especially among marginalised communities where Nordex operates…

South Africa’s renewable energy sector is like a ‘born free’ child whose potential is far less constricted by the barriers to access created by apartheid. The Nordex Trust aims to use the promise of growth in wind power to help write a new story for the way South Africans live, work, play and learn in the future’.Wind power

With three wind projects underway namely Dorper, Kouga and Amakhala, and the employment of 38 employees, Nordex plans to implement a fourth wind farm.

‘Since Nordex South Africa opened its office in Cape Town during 2012, the Nordex Education Trust has committed over R2 million towards educational projects that support the empowerment of youth, the disabled and community development of which more than half has already been spent’, Changonda said.

Nordex is involved in various socio-economic development projects and is excited to explore the new opportunities which Wind power is and will be contributing to South Africa.

‘Nordex is optimistic about growth prospects for wind power in South Africa under the regulatory framework for renewable energy…

Government’s follow-through on its stated commitment indicates a strong political will to build an enabling environment for investments into renewable energy. The Trust is another way in which we are deepening our local commitment, Anne added.

Dr. Stolfie said that ‘the Nordex Trust is a statement of confidence in the country’s plans to generate 1850MW of wind energy by 2030 in a win-win partnership that creates jobs, enhances local participation, transfers skills and has positive sustainable impacts’.

‘Initiatives such as the Western Cape’s 110% Green provides further impetus to invest in South Africa’s renewable energy sector’, she concluded.

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