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No load shedding says Eskom

5 May 2008 Eskom is to suspend scheduled load shedding from Monday 5 May, says Jacob Maroga, Eskom CE.

Jacob Maroga“We are seeing evidence of increased energy savings from municipalities and Eskom is optimistic that further reductions to reach our 10% savings target are possible,” he said in a press release over the weekend.

Scheduled load shedding was suspended for the last week of April due to the number of public holidays in that week and the lower demand typically experienced.

A task team of senior Eskom executives and top officials of municipalities are to meet this week to discuss the way forward in driving further energy savings. This meeting is a further follow-up to the formation of the task team on 18 April.

“In the meantime, Eskom will suspend scheduled load shedding. We have said from the beginning that load shedding is not our preferred option to achieve the 10% savings the nation needs.

“Recent savings, particularly from industry, have shown that it should be possible to achieve this objective sustainably through a concerted and committed effort by all of us. This is the spirit of Eskom’s engagement with municipalities and we would hope that it will not be necessary to reinstate scheduled load shedding,” Maroga said.

However, he warned that should the national grid come under unexpected pressure, there may be occasions where brief periods of load shedding could be required.