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The commencement of construction of the Bujagali power project on the western wing of the Nile river, has had a positive effect on the local economy.

Food stalls, retail shops and landlords are all benefiting from the influx of people to the area. Mr Harunah Ntuyo, who has responsibility for recruiting labour for the project, says they have recruited 200 workers to date, and have to still employ another 1 800 workers.


Minority spokesman on Energy, Moses Asaga, has warned that the price increased of 100% being considered by the government will create a new energy crisis in Ghana.

"A dramatic increase in electricity prices is almost equivalent to no electricity at all," he said.

The question will no longer be about the availability of electricity, but about who could afford to use electricity.


According to reports, 5.3% of worldwide electricity usage is taken up by the internet.

David Sarokin from Uclue, an online pay-for -answers service conducted the research and estimates equipment used to power the internet uses some 868 billion kWh of electricity annually, worldwide.

This figure includes computer and monitors, data centres and networking and transmission equipment. It does not include the energy needed to produce or distribute computers or computer equipment, or the power used by printers and other non-communicating devices.

United States

Florida, USA based Industrial Nanotech, has announced it has reached development stage of a thermal insulation material that will generate electricity.

After the application of a paint coating, the thermal difference inside and outside can be used to generate electricity (in addition to the energy saving provided through insulation).