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New water management system saves billions

Cape Town, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 09 March 2011 – A new high-tech water management system claims it will save the South African tax payer and municipalities billions in bad debt. Currently, Metropolitan municipalities are owed a total of R30.6 billion as at 31 March last year, according to the third-quarter local government budget statement by the National Treasury.

The WEG-Wise water management system “’ which will be exhibited during African Utility Week at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 14 to 17 March 2011 “’ will help both the consumers and municipalities to save water, and therefore money. Municipalities are struggling to manage bad debt because they’re not allowed to cut off water to consumers with unpaid bills.

The system helps municipalities by reducing bad debt and reducing water wastage because of leaking pipes, illegal water connections and unpaid bills.

The WEG-Wise Water Management system is distributed and marketed by Itakane Water Management Services. Itakane CEO Bertie Feris commented: “Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right which municipalities are fighting to provide to citizens. We are focusing on creating a more efficient system which will benefit everyone.”

The main operational highlights of the WEG-Wise Water Management System are: it allows municipalities to monitor and control the water delivered to consumers 24/7; real-time water meter readings are done remotely from the office, and the system allows the municipality to regulate the water flow to the consumer; the system alerts the municipality of burst water pipes, instantly, speeding up response time and improving service delivery; underground leaks (one of the major causes of water loss) will no longer be a headache for municipalities – the WEG-Wise system detects them immediately; and illegal water connections are also picked up on the system.