New thermal imager

4 July 2013 – The Comtest group, Fluke’s authorised test and measurement distributor for South and southern Africa, has introduced the Fluke Ti105 and TiR105 thermal imagers, the latest addition to Fluke’s series of lightweight imagers. The Ti105 and TiR105 offer the Fluke IR-Fusion technology feature, not normally found in thermal imagers in this price class.

The Ti105 helps plant technicians, HVAC/R professionals, and electricians maintain and inspect electrical and mechanical equipment and components, enabling them to save time and money by finding potential problems before they become costly failures. The Ti105 allows technicians to troubleshoot in seconds, lessens the likelihood of unplanned downtime, and allows regular inspections from a safe distance.

The TiR105 enables building inspection and energy audit professionals to evaluate and report insulation problems, air leakage, moisture issues, or construction defects delivering a huge competitive advantage by helping them work faster and more efficiently. It quickly documents visible proof of problems so that repairs can be made and then verifies that the repairs have been done correctly.