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New small, transportable nuclear “battery” to be presented at International Atomic Energy Agency conference in Austria

The Hyperion
Power Module
10 September 2008 – Members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will have an opportunity to learn about a small, nuclear power module firsthand at the 52nd general conference in Austria.

“We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to connect with the prestigious members of this important organization,” said John Grizz Deal, CEO of the Hyperion Power. “The Hyperion Power Module was originally conceived to provide clean, affordable power for remote industrial applications such as oil sands operations. Yet, there has been an outstanding amount of interest from those needing reliable electricity for remote or “power-challenged” communities. In fact, our first sales commitments have come from companies building residential and mixed-use developments in Europe. This has been good because the HPM (Hyperion Power Module) is an excellent solution for any location. This new technology, encompassing the simple concepts of the world’s very safe training reactors that have been in operation for decades, makes it possible to deliver continuous clean, emission-free energy with only a fraction of the human oversight and financial investment required by conventional nuclear power stations.”

The HPM utilises the energy of low-enriched uranium fuel. Each unit produces 70MW of thermal energy, or 27MW of electricity when connected to a steam turbine. That amount is enough to provide electricity for 20,000 average-size homes or the industrial equivalent. Three factories, spread across the globe are planned by the company to produce and ship the approximately 4,000 units of the first design.

Picture courtesy of Hyperion Power