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New product improves energy efficiency

A Kamstrup
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Cape Town, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 02 March 2011 – The South African energy market faces such significant challenges as grid loss, increasing energy demand and a tremendous rise in electricity prices, and when you combine this with a lack of consumer energy consciousness, it is clear that intelligent and effective solutions are needed.

At the African Utility Week exhibition in Cape Town from March 14 to17, Danish smart metering provider, Kamstrup, is going to present a variety of solutions to strengthen the energy efficiency and the profitability of the South African energy sector.

Up to now, demand-supply imbalance has resulted in frequent power outages, much to the annoyance of the consumers. Insulation is insufficient, and the energy demand is still growing and not matched by a corresponding energy consciousness. Loss of electricity in the grid and bypassing the meters are also common and costly problems for the energy suppliers.

Kamstrup and partners are going to present a complete solution with smart meters and an automatic meter reading system for demand side management. The system will be able to counter a number of the most critical problems.

By means of the load profile function the smart meter can supply a detailed overview of the energy consumption in each residence or residential area. Load profiling is an efficient means to obtain a more precise estimation of the power generation. Via the smart meter reading system the meter is able to report consumption data automatically and at predetermined intervals to the supplier. A stable flow of information will contribute to stabilising the supply and the billing to residential areas.

Two-way communication and tamper detection enable the smart meter to send alarm signals to the supplier in case of tamper attempts. The feature is well-proven in other regions and provides the energy supplier with a much better opportunity to react and take measures against fraud.

Kamstrup has engaged with the high-tech company Develco and a number of South African partners in building a metering infrastructure and software for the smart metering system. According to Kamstrup sales manager Hans Peter Kyk it is crucial to engage with competent local companies which know better how to ensure usability in the software programmes.