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New mobile gensets meet Tier 4 interim certification

10 July 2012 – Caterpillar has introduced two new mobile diesel generator sets that meet Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations. The XQ200, powered by the Cat C7.1 engine, is rated for prime operation at 182 kW; the XQ350, powered by the Cat C13 engine, is rated for prime operation at 320 kW. Both units are sold and rented exclusively through Cat dealers.
Equipped with the new EMCP 4.2 control panel, both the XQ200 and XQ350 feature auto-configuration of key performance parameters when voltage or frequency changes are required. The system senses changes and adjusts the parameters for optimum performance. By automatically adjusting the protections and performance parameters to match voltage and speed positions, the control system ensures safe convenient operation. Providing greater flexibility when moving between multiple job sites with differing voltage or frequency needs, the auto-configuration capability eliminates the time required and potential errors when reprogramming units, a key benefit in the rental market.
The units are in sound-attenuated containers, reducing noise while still maintaining the ambient and altitude performance at all ratings. The receptacles on the back of the unit consistently run at 110 V, regardless of the voltage at the main loads bus terminal, allowing the use of standard tools and equipment. The units also feature 30 and 50 amp connectors with twistlock connectors, suitable for powering a variety of electrical components.
Environmental considerations have been incorporated into the XQ200 and XQ350. A solar powered battery maintainer has been designed into the container, keeping the batteries fully charged when not in use. The open crankcase ventilation system with filter reduces the oil contained in engine ventilation by 75%, decreasing potentially harmful fumes. The units provide spill containment for 110% of onboard engine fluids. The Cat clean emissions module, a key component helping the generators achieve Tier 4 Interim certification, features a transparent regeneration process. This means the process runs in the background without affecting the unit’s running capacity, and the user doesn’t have to make any adjustments to how the generator is operated.
The XQ200 and XQ350 mobile diesel generator sets are backed by service provided through the Cat rental dealer network and technicians.