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New heat innovation to save energy costs

An American company has developed an innovative product which could save consumers on high energy costs.

Professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, Sanjay Sarma, founded the company called Essess who has developed a scanning technology that can pin point heat loss in homes in a few seconds, providing the consumer with an illustrative map of where they are ‘wasting’ money, Reuters reported.

The technology operates in the same way as a high-tech fitted car with heat sensor monitors. Sarma’s prototype included fitting a car with infrared cameras to detect heat, traditional cameras for proximity visuals and a LIDAR sensor which gives a GPS location and measures the depth of the environment.essess technology

In addition, they have designed unique algorithms which can capture and analyse data in minutes.

“You can use this technology really as a sort of intelligence gathering mechanism for our surroundings. To see what is working and what is not. It is a way to make cities more efficient, buildings more efficient, infrastructure more efficient”, Essess CEO, Tom Scaramelino said.

This type of technological innovation could be a solution to global energy efficiency and curbing unnecessary spending.


(Pic Credits: Essess, CNN)

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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