10 September 2008 – Effective energy utilisation could save Zimbabwe some 200MW, Cde Mike Nyambuya, minister of energy and power development told officers from the Staff College recently, adding that government was working on a new energy policy which aimed at creating a regulatory and legal framework that would encourage energy conservation.

He said the inefficient light bulbs, electrical appliances and lack of consumer awareness was causing the country to lose power.

"The policy will help in realising the correct application of energy resources for socio-economic development and promote energy conservation.

"The final draft National Energy Policy in place seeks to among other things increase the access to affordable energy services to all sectors at the correct price, stimulate sustainable growth by promoting competition, efficiency and investment in the sector.

"It will also seek to improve the availability of information, policy planning and manage energy related security through diversity in supply, regional integration and cooperation," he said.

He said the policy would seek to promote the use of alternative energy sources, sustainable energy use and increased public private partnerships.  He emphasised the importance of initiatives such as expansion and rehabilitation of existing generation capacity, alternative energy sources and energy consumption monitoring, especially in the light of the current energy shortages facing Southern Africa.