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New addition to SAEE Energy Awards in 2012

18 June 2012 – The Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) promotes the efficient use of energy to ensure a sustainable supply and induced economic growth through lowered energy use – thus the launch, in 2012, of the SAEE Energy Patron Award.

The SAEE annually recognises excellence in the energy industry of any new energy companies, any persons who have recently joined the energy industry, or persons and companies that have made an outstanding contribution towards improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions, as well as an energy project that has delivered exceptional results.

Lisa Reynolds, SAEE board member, and technical and specification director of Saint Gobain, says, “Individual and corporate SAEE members that render energy efficiency services and products to energy end-users do not only have to offer a service to their clients, but first have to advocate and convince them of the benefits of incorporating energy efficiency into the end-user’s facilities. The end-users that take this on board assist the government’s aims, and Eskom’s efforts toward sustainable energy supply.” Energy end-users deserve the recognition through the Energy Patron Award for taking a step in the right direction to the benefit of the country and the global environment.

Organisations that have ensured the continuous efficient use of energy resources by, amongst others, incorporated a holistic approach within its business model, applied strategies and/or policies, created awareness, revised staff structures, ensured staff training, utilised incentives, implemented energy management, installed technologies, reduced environmental impact and reliance on the grid, or any other innovative means of investing in the energy efficiency of operations are eligible for the Energy Patron Award nominations.

From 2012, the annual SAEE Energy Award categories open for nomination are:

  • Energy Newcomer of the Year
  • Energy Company of the Year
  • Energy Project of the Year
  • Energy Excellence Award
  • Energy Patron of the Year

Award winners will be announced at the SAEE’s annual banquet and awards ceremony on the 14th of November 2012, which is also the opening of the 7th Southern African Energy Efficiency Convention (2012SAEEC), at Emperors Palace Gauteng.

Nominations close 30 September 2012 and enquiries can be directed to Danielle Badenhorst on (018) 293 1499 or email info@saee.org.za.