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Natural gas: SA’s Chamber of Mines installs fuel cell solution

South African-owned energy solutions firm Mitochondria Energy Company (MEC) will unveil a new 100 kW fuel cell solution at the end of this month at the head office of Johannesburg Chamber of Mines (CoM).

Anthea Bath, CEO of MEC, said the natural gas-fuelled cell has been designed to supply an output between 30 kWh and 80 kWh of electricity depending on CoM’s demand levels, according to MiningWeekly.com.

Bath, which said the fuel-cell technology offers an alternative energy solution that costs less than existing national grid tariffs, confirmed the installation and commissioning of the 5.6m x 2.2m x 3.4m MEC-designed cell solution took 10 days.

Project contractor Powertech was involved in the engineering, procurement and management, together with independent consultant Ralph Jones.

Johannesburg-based Egoli Gas will supply the natural gas needed for the fuel-cell.

Fuel cell operation responsibilities

Consultant Ralph Jones designed the desulphurisation vessel that removes corrosive sulphur from the natural gas before it enters into the fuel-cell stack.

Natural-gas fuel cell solution
Fuji Electric: Natural-gas fuel cell solution

The stack, manufactured by Japanese electrical solutions provider Fuji Electric, contains platinum-based technology which converts hydrocarbons and oxygen into electricity and water.

In addition to the fuel-cell, a small 5kWh fuel-cell system which will be used to power the sound and projectors will be unveiled as well, Bath added.

(Pic Credits: Fuji Electric)

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