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Motlanthe launches energy-saving initiative

Deputy president
Kgalema Motlanthe
Johannesburg, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 22 March 2011 – Deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe wants South Africans to give serious consideration to the way in which they are using electricity.

He made this call at the launch of 49M “’ the biggest energy saving movement ever seen in this country, by Eskom, the government and business partners.

“By taking action on a personal level to reduce waste, acting as an electricity influencer at home and in the workplace, we can begin the process of saving electricity and contributing to the health of our environment,” said Motlanthe.

He pointed out that by reducing the need for coal “’ which generates 92% of South Africa’s electricity “’ and making better use of generating facilities, the country could be safeguarding its environment for future generations. “We each have it within our power to make an individual difference to energy efficiency in South Africa,” he added.

Motlanthe said that South Africa was in the same situation as many other nations when it came to reaching a happy medium between the need for electricity and the reduction of environmentally damaging emissions. There were two ways to tackle the challenge.

“We can work with other nations toward finding ways of reducing emissions and so relieve the burden on our environment,” he proposed. “And at home we can concentrate on mobilising our people and gaining their support to create an energy-efficient nation which values its electricity and participates actively in conserving this valuable resource.”

49M is an Eskom initiative “’ endorsed by government and business partners “’ that aims to spur all South Africans to embrace energy savings as a national culture. Its objective is a better future for all South African’s economically, socially and environmentally.