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Measurement and verification regulation for SA energy efficiency incentives

6 June 2012 – South Africa set in motion the development of regulations and standards to claim energy efficiency tax incentives in 2009, when the then minister of finance, Trevor Manual, announced that there would be tax incentives for companies that can demonstrate energy savings. This necessitated the establishment of the Council for Measurement and Verification Professionals of South Africa (CMVPSA).

CMVPSA is a Section 21 company established as a Chapter of the South African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) to regulate measurement and valuation (individuals) in the industry. CMVPSA will operate in the same manner in which professionals within the legal, medical, and accounting professions, for example, are regulated.

Following Manual’s announcement, the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) was tasked by government to develop a South African Technical Standard (SATS) for the energy efficiency tax incentive programme. This was completed and is available from SABS – SATS 50 010. The SATS was to be converted to a full South African National Standard (SANAS) during 2011.

SANAS was tasked to develop an accreditation process for measurement and versification (M&V) bodies. The mechanism is in place and SANAS is ready to accept applications from companies wishing to become accredited. SANAS provides full information and guidelines for accreditation on its website. SANAS will accredit M&V bodies using the SATS 50 010 as it basis as well as M&V specific requirements such as having access to appropriately skilled and qualified human resources.

It is imperative that there is a mechanism that ensures that both individuals as well as companies are held responsible for their actions in the event of malpractice. SANAS will deal with companies while CMVPSA will deal with individuals.