Power utility Kenya Power has awarded a $24 million (ZAR282 million) contract to refurbish the main city’s 132kV substation in Nairobi to improve grid efficiency.

The power technology group ABB is to replace the 50 year old air insulated switchgear with 70% space saving gas insulated switchgear (GIS) at the Juja Road substation. The improvements will enhance power transformer capacity by 50%.ABB

The station provides power to Nairobi, a population estimated over 3 million, the power group said in a statement.

ABB will take ownership of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the project which is to be completed in 2017.

ABB Power Systems division head Claudio Facchin said that “the modernized indoor substation will help enhance power supplies to meet the increasing demand for electricity from residential consumers and businesses operating in the city”.

“[The] GIS technology will reduce the substation’s footprint significantly, while enhancing aesthetics and increasing safety, efficiency and reliability”, Facchin continued.

(Pic Credits: businessdailyafrica, ABB)