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IT hardware and software distributor commits to 49M

In an effort to reduce its environmental footprint, IT hardware and software distributor, AxizWorkgroup, has introduced a couple of ways to become greener over the last few years.

The Pinnacle Holdings group of companies, of which AxizWorkgroup is a subsidiary, has signed the 49M pledge to commit to being energy efficient as an organisation and implement energy efficient technologies in its business facilities to reduce its usage by a minimum of 10%.

The 49M initiative aims to inspire and rally all South Africans behind a common goal, to save electricity and create a better economic, social and environmental future for all. If everyone reduces their energy usage by just 10% it would be as effective as building a new power station.

Over the last few years, AxizWorkgroup has endeavoured to be more conscious of its effect on the environment and has introduced initiatives to curb its energy usage. Underwritten by Pinnacle Holdings, AxizWorkgroup subscribes to the OSHAS 18001 regulations that are in line with ILO (International Labour Organisation). As part of the Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan, an updated risk assessment has been performed and AxizWorkgroup has made provision for a waste management system as well as a pollution: air, ground and water system. Waste classifications include general waste, hazardous waste and recyclable waste.

“As an enterprise-sized organization, we realize that our business has an effect on the environment, and that we not only have the power, but also the responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and tread as lightly as possible. As a result, we are excited to have signed the 49M pledge, and look forward to doing our bit for the environment,” Vaughn Parkin, chief operation officer of Pinnacle Holdings, says.

To date 49M has signed 128 partners who have pledged to cut down on their electricity consumption.