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IT group joins SA’s 49M initiative

Wipro Ltd, a global information technology multinational, has pledged itself to South Africa’s 49 energy efficiency initiative. “In India, we are one of the early adopters of green building design with 19 of our current buildings certified to the international LEED standard,” business director – Africa, Shailendra Singh, says.

Wipro’s energy efficiency initiatives include the recent institution of a biannual award program that recognises locations within Wipro that perform best in resource conservation. There is also a sustainability program in which employee engagement is encouraged. The program is performed through various day-long events on World Environment Day, Earth Day and Ozone Day.

Other on-going measures include retrofitting equipment, server virtualisation, remote collaboration technologies and optimisation measures. “We are pursuing an energy efficient agenda with the redesign of our South Africa Head Office in Sandton, Johannesburg. We are ensuring it is as energy efficient as possible and pursuing a green certification to support our efforts in this area,” Singh says.

Since inception, Wipro’s energy efficiency initiatives are paying off. The company has seen a minimum of 5% reduction in energy intensity every year. “Wipro is dedicated to contribute meaningfully to South Africa, both economically and socially. We therefore fully support the 49M initiative as it strives to encourage South Africans to be responsible in their energy consumption. Becoming a partner of this initiative is formalising Wipro’s own obligation as an organisation to drive the messages of the campaign and take action to ensure we play our part in reaching the goals of the initiative.”

Pieter Pretorius, Senior Manager Strategic Marketing at Eskom, has commended Wipro Ltd for the measures the company has taken to improve energy efficiency. “We as 49M are pleased that Wipro Ltd has joined the growing number of companies embracing energy efficiency. To date, we have been successful in getting 130 companies to pledge in the cause and join the global journey towards a sustainable future.”

The 49M campaign was launched in March 2011 as a response to the country’s constrained power system. The campaign encourages individuals and corporates to lead energy smart lifestyles thereby saving the planet and their pockets.  South Africans are encouraged to join the campaign by visiting www.49m.co.za  to pledge their support.


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