It is anticipated that global economic stimulus packages being developed to revitalise the global economy after the acute COVID-19 crisis, should be geared towards technologies of the future, including a strong emphasis on scaling GreenTech solutions.

GreenCape’s 2020 Market Intelligence Reports highlight investment opportunities in the green economy. Investors and businesses interested in the green economy can learn more about the investment opportunities identified in the GreenCape 2020 Market Intelligence Reports, specifically looking at how these investments could build back better for a resilient green economy, given the current context.

In this engaging webinar, GreenCape CEO Mike Mulcahy discusses detail and context, getting down to specific opportunities and takeaways with the GreenCape experts.

Moderator: Mike Mulcahy, CEO, GreenCape


Jack Radmore: Energy Programme Manager | GreenCape

Claire Pengelly: Water and Sustainable Agriculture Programme Manager | GreenCape

Saliem Haider, Circular Economy Propgramme Manager | GreenCape