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Incandescent light bulbs destroyed

7 November 2007 – At the unveiling of an initiative to halt the sale of incandescent light bulbs, South African retailer Clicks smashed 56 320 incandescent bulbs.

"This ground-breaking move pre empts any future laws that could ban the sale of energy inefficient incandescent bulbs to the public, such as we have seen in Australia, which has committed to ban the use of incandescent bulbs by 2012," said Barry Bredenkamp, National Energy Efficiency Agency (NEEA) operations manager.

The remaining incandescent bulbs in stores will be sold, but not replaced. The retailed has committed to stocking only CFLs.

"In a commitment to the sustainable development of South Africa, the company is encouraging its customers to do the right thing by making environmentally conscious purchase decisions. And essentially, the savings in electricity costs using CFLs could be considered cash back in the customers’ pockets," said Craig Ludwig, Clicks merchandise executive.

Philips Lighting, who participated in this action, has called for joint action between the lighting industry, energy suppliers and government to encourage the use of CFLs.

Philips Lighting marketing manager Chris Liebenberg confirmed that Philips proposed building a CFL assembly facility in South Africa. They hope the facility will be fully functional by mid 2008.

Manufacturing CFLs in the region will reduce the cost of the bulbs by about 15%.

According to the International Energy Agency, lighting consumes 19% of the electricity generated world wide. Using CFLs could reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%.