On Friday, the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) revealed the installation of a solar energy system at its head office in the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) in Nelson Mandela Bay.coega 2

Supplying 48kW of solar generated power to CDC headquarters, the system includes cement foundations, thin-film components and three 15kW inverter units.

“CDC plans to roll out rooftop solutions for all investors located in the IDZ as phase two of this project in order to reduce investor’s electricity bill”, Vuyokazi Tyida, CDC investment promotion manager said in a statement.

Other energy plants in the IDZ:

  • 5 billion ($3 billion) Dedisa Peaking Power Plant
  • ZAR127 million ($11 million) Powerway/Sungrow JV manufacturer of power supply equipment for both solar PV and wind generation
  • 6 million ($58 million) investment by Powerway/JA Solar JV
  • ZAR300 million ($26 million) DCD Wind Towers wind tower manufacturing facility


(Pic Credits: Coega Development Corporation)