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Huawei introduces eLTE smart grid solution

An efficient communication solution for power operators has been revealed by Information and communications technology (ICT) provider Huawei in the Southern and Eastern African regions, CNBCAfrica reported.

The latest innovation, the eLTE smart grid solution, operates off the newest 4G wireless creating a stable and efficient communication platform for power grids to communicate effectively, CNBCAfrica reported.

‘Power distribution networks are often widely distributed to accommodate electrical power feeds to dense cities and rural communities. Instant communication systems and reliable power infrastructure maintenance is vital for efficient production and distribution of electricity…

Technologies such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are also important because it provides greater accuracy in meter reading and reduces the amount of manual labour required, to improve personnel safety’, Huawei said.

Huawei said that the eLTE smart grid solution includes Distribution Automation (DA) and AMI backhaul as well as video surveillance, mobile platforms and trunking dispatch, CNBCAfrica reported.

‘These services enable online early warning alerts, real-time fault monitoring, quick fault location, self-healing mechanisms, and effective load monitoring and management…

Its support to GIS location services simplifies operations and enables quick and convenient dispatching. Grid operators can now shorten unplanned power outages, decrease line loss, and improve power quality and ultimately improve consumer satisfaction’, they said.

With increased bandwidth, the throughput goes up to 100Mbit/s downlink and 50M/bit/s uplink, CNBCAfrica reported.

The company added that the smart grid solution will reduce any difficulties in expanding distribution automation terminals due to one cell having the capacity to support 1 000 terminals, CNBCAfrica reported.

‘Huawei’s eLTE smart grid solution provides multiple levels of redundant backup, at the board, network element, and network levels, to ensure high security and reliability’, Huawei added.

‘It also supports flexible bandwidth configuration and frequency customisation for better adaptation to available spectrum in different areas.’

These innovations are enabling power providers to effectively manage and distribute power and meet high demand areas in a more efficient and reliable way. With new ICT developments and the challenge of balancing input with output it is important for power providers to stay abreast of new solutions.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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