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Heat pumps save electricity at old age home

19 June 2012 – ThermoWise, in conjunction with Eskom, will save an old age home in Durban over R1.6 million in electricity costs over the next five years.

“Eskom was commissioned by an old age home in April 2010 to log and monitor the monthly electrical consumption for the establishment’s hot water system,” Bronwynn Fine, sales director, ThermoWise, specialist in energy solutions, says. “After investigation and analysis, Eskom and ThermoWise recommended the installation of three air-to-water heat pumps to optimise electricity savings at the old age home. These heat pumps significantly increase the energy savings that already result from the existing solar system installed on the roof of the building.

“All ThermoWise heat pumps have a guaranteed savings of 50% on electricity usage for water heating, however, in this installation and in many others, savings of 64% have been achieved.”

The maximum load measured at the establishment was 55.7 kW, with an average load of 43.11 kW. With the installation of three 19 kW GTSKR050P output units using only 5.0 kW input power each, the maximum usage was reduced to 13.8 kW.

Scroll compressors and a shell and tube heat exchanger enhance the efficiency of this system and ensure extended periods before maintenance is required. All components of the system, including the electrical components and fan blades, are manufactured to international quality specifications.