6 December 2012 – Ai-TEC recently completed the installation of a 38 kW ThermoWise air to water heat pump at the Burgersdorp Hospital in the Eastern Cape.“The Burgersdorp Hospital, which had been without hot water for at least a month, now has a reliable hot water supply throughout the establishment and is benefitting from reduced electricity consumption required to heat water,” Arnold Retief, business development director of Ai-TEC, says. “By removing the existing electrical boiler and installing this heat pump system, the hospital’s electricity costs have been reduced by about 70%. The hospital is using these savings to upgrade other facilities.”

ThermoWise heat pumps, which adhere to SABS certification according to stringent Eskom requirements, draw energy from the atmosphere to heat water. New copper piping and stainless steel ducting have also been installed.

ThermoWise heat pumps use up to 70% less electricity than conventional element powered geysers in industrial and commercial applications. These heat pumps can be installed to any geyser, with capacities from 100 l. Elements are replaced and the existing geyser then acts a storage vessel for the hot water.