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French smart solar inverter technology comes to SA

French manufacturer of solar self-consumption inverters Imeon Energy has entered into a strategic partnership with South African-based Rubicon Renewables and Telecom Techniques to provide South African customers with an integrated smart grid solution.

The self-consumption system is designed to provide power that meets the consumer’s total energy needs, charge any storage batteries on site and any excess power can then feed into back into the national grid.

It combines both off-grid and grid-tie functions in one inverter for residential and mid-size commercial applications, with possible combination with generator sets.

Electricity savings

Imeon Energy self-consumption inverters
Imeon Energy self-consumption inverters to enter South African market. Pic credit: Imeon Energy

Imeon claims that the solar inverter leverages solar efficiency by 30% over conventional systems, resulting in electricity savings of 30% due to the instant plug-and-play technology and global real-time monitoring via a smart phone application.

“This technique prolongs the batteries’ life due to drastic reduction of unnecessary battery cycling, a common phenomenon of traditional inverter chargers, and consequently reduces the cost of battery replacements. In case of power outages, IMEON provides uninterrupted power supply from solar and a battery source until the grid is back on,” the company said in a statement.

Uninterrupted power supply

Commenting on the significance of introducing the new technology at a time when South African businesses can not depend on a reliable power supply, Christophe Goasguen, director of operations at Imeon Energy, said: “Such residential and commercial smart grid solutions provide energy autonomy, all while maintaining a high level of grid interactivity to support the network during black outs, or during future expansion of the grid to isolated sites that are already equipped with Imeon smart inverters.”

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