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Fluid measurement company wins project

20 June 2012 – An international oleo-chemical company, whose business covers almost everything from palm plantations to the downstream production of cooking oils and soaps, manages its own plantations and palm oil mills.

Like many other plantation, mill and other organic-waste generators, the company took the decision to transform and fully utilise the energy contained in its waste by-products. The plant now generates biogas out of palm waste. Tonnes of liquid waste are generated daily and, by design, approximately 1.9 MW of electricity is generated.

Kobold Instrumentation, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company – was involved in the fluid measurement. The project included flow measurement of liquid waste, flow measurement of generated biogas besides its pressure and temperature measurement. Kobold installed magnetic inductive flow meters, oscillation flow meters, and pressure and temperature transmitters.  

Kobold’s experience in the field of biogas flow/pressure/temperature measurement won it the project against stiff and diverse competition. The comparison between oscillation flow and thermal mass flow measuring principles, in particular, put Kobold at a distinct advantage.