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First off-grid temporary solar hybrid plant installation, MENA region

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Green Energy Temporary Solution (G.E.T.S.) developed for energy intensive users could be a solar hybrid solution for rural communities, says Building Energy. Pic credits: G.E.T.S. Building Energy

Building Energy, Italian renewable energy independent power producer, announced last week that the company is to team up with SES SMART Energy Solutions, a temporary rental energy provider headquartered in Dubai’s Jebel Ali free zone, to develop the first on-field temporary solar hybrid plant in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

The 14MW diesel-solar plant, expected to be completed by the end of July 2015, will produce 54MWh per year from solar energy, thus saving on diesel fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.

Solar hybrid model

This project will be the first on-field application of Green Energy Temporary Solution (G.E.T.S.), a solar hybrid, modular and portable solution that employs renewable energy technologies for the temporary production of power in off-grid areas.

G.E.T.S. was developed by Building Energy as a solution for access to energy in rural areas. The technology is preassembled, prewired and containerised for shipment to where the energy is needed and can be installed with minimal environmental impact, states the company.

The technology was developed with isolated energy-intensive industries in mind, such as mines, to meet their temporary power needs, integrating green technologies in areas where no other energy infrastructure is available.

Massimo Teodori, Building Energy’s Managing Director Smart System said: “We are excited to implement, for the first time on-field, Green Energy Temporary Solution, a temporary hybrid plant based on renewable energy technologies.”

“We believe that energy is crucial to secure basic human needs, such as access to clean water and healthcare”, he added.

Waleed Isaac, SES SMART Energy Solutions Managing Director, said: “SES is glad to provide its customers with fast re-deployable renewable energy solutions using Building Energy G.E.T.S.. This will further enhance SES’s offering […] in line with IFC and World Bank Environmental policies.”

Renewable energy solar projects

As part of Jordan’s second round of renewable energy production programme, Building Energy signed an agreement protocol with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for the construction of a 50MW power plant.

Teodori said: “[…] Recognising the (renewable energy) opportunity, several countries here (in the MENA region) have set specific objectives to increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources, starting a significant change in the energy system.”

In South Africa, Building Energy won the contract for the 81MW Kathu project in the first round of the renewable energy independent power producer programme, the South African government’s renewable energy auction programme. The PV plant has been operating since August 2014.

“[…] at present, there are over 1.3 billion people who still lack these services because they live in off-grid areas. G.E.T.S. could be an excellent solution to provide rural areas with energy access, thanks to its easy and fast installation and requiring no initial investment”, Teodori concluded.

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