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Eskom partner launches Energy Efficiency Services

Business Connexion
Deputy CEO Vanessa
Johannesburg, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 05 March 2012 – In a move to innovate and participate in South Africa’s national energy shortage, ICT services company Business Connexion has launched its Energy Efficiency Services, on the back of a signed partnership agreement with Eskom as an official Energy Services Company (ESCO).

In a press release issued here, Business Connexion said it saw this as a R1 billion sector for the operation during the next two years, with a focus on big industry, including the mining and manufacturing sectors, petrochemical, retail, and financial services, plus vast opportunities with government.

Studies to establish energy efficiency, comparing South Africa to other countries with a similar per-capita GDP, indicate that South Africa is more electricity-intensive by between 35% and 65%, of which a significant proportion is estimated to arise from the use of less energy efficient technologies and production processes. This leaves substantial opportunities for energy saving.

Furthermore, in line with international governance trends, local companies are likely to be legally bound to adopt sustainable business practices at some point in future. Requirements such as the reduction of a company’s impact on the environment, among others, are being supported by developments such as new building standards.

There is an urgent need to accelerate energy efficiency projects to reduce the growing energy shortfall, the statement adds. Tariff increases of 25% have already been approved. However, government has set a goal of influencing business to reduce consumption by 10% over a three-year period.

As an Eskom-approved Energy Services Company (ESCO), Business Connexion is accredited to identify opportunities for achieving reductions in electricity consumption and the scoping and execution of such projects. The company offers integrated energy management solutions, including energy audits, assessments, financing, commissioning and ongoing management, offering financial benefits, improved performance of plant and reduced maintenance.

With electricity prices escalating steeply, Business Connexion Deputy CEO Vanessa Olver said that more than ever, efficiency has become a necessity not only to manage costs, but also to prevent a recurrence of the load-shedding of 2008.

As an Eskom-approved ESCO, Olver says Business Connexion has demonstrated its suitability and competence to develop and deploy technology that will conserve power within the commercial and industrial environments.

The ESCO status is afforded to Business Connexion’s Energy and Industrial Solutions Centre of Excellence, itself within the company’s Professional Services division. The company qualifies for Eskom funding where it can demonstrate reductions in electricity consumption internally and for its clients.