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Eskom is ‘severely constrained’

On Wednesday Eskom released an urgent announcement to the public stating that the utility’s supply was ‘severely constrained’ due to technical issues and would remain stressed for the rest of the week.

‘This is due to technical problems experienced at some of our power stations and the loss of additional generating units’, Eskom said in a statement.

This alert was issued again on Thursday when Eskom reiterated the urgency of this matter and asked its industrial consumers to reduce their usage by 10% by Thursday evening.

‘We have alerted our key industrial customers and have required them to reduce their load by a minimum of 10 percent’, Eskom said.

This message was passed onto residential consumers who were asked to reduce their usage during peak times, 6pm-10pm.

The notice was also issued to the Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC) warning of the possible load-shedding that could affect that country as well.

SEC is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Swaziland and imports about 80 percent of its power.

Should consumers not use electricity wisely Eskom will have no choice but to start load shedding in certain areas.

‘We are transitioning into a typical summer load profile and a period when maintenance is increased. As the system is tight, any additional problems experienced on the plant increase the risk of load shedding. This risk will continue into November…

eskom alertWe are doing everything we can to ensure the continued supply of electricity and our technical teams are hard at work to bring back units at our generating plants. We appeal for sustained savings throughout the day in order to reduce demand on the electricity grid’, Chief Executive Tshediso Matona said.

The state owned Utility which generates 95 percent of consumed electricity in South Africa has been in the spotlight for its continued financial, operational and technical issues in the past few years.

With negotiations and plans underway between the utility and private sectors, the energy crisis will hopefully be resolved in the near future.

Load Shedding Information

Should load shedding persist visit the Eskom website for load shedding schedule.

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