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Eskom calls on South African’s to ‘Live Lightly’

On Monday Eskom releases its 211th update on the state of the power system, part of an ongoing two year communication strategy around the health of the power system.

The power system will remain tight until new generating capacity comes on stream and essential generation maintenance is done. Eskom calls on all electricity consumers to reduce their electricity usage while planned maintenance on the generating units continues.

The demand forecast and supply situation for the coming week looks stable as generating units which have been out for maintenance are brought back on line – thus relieving some pressure from the power system.  However, Eskom has requested that customers keep demand as low as possible, in order to ensure that the utility can continue with planned maintenance and have enough spare capacity in case of unplanned events.

Eskom calls on all South Africans to pull together over the next few months and use electricity sparingly by “Living Lightly” this summer.

Less is more this summer and homeowners and businesses can do so with just four steps:

  1. switching off geysers and pool pumps;
  2. switching off non-essential lights;
  3. efficient use of air-conditioners by keeping the room temperature at 23⁰C; and
  4. responding to the alerts on TV each evening.

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