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Eskom and CSIR agree to collaborate

Divisional executive for
corporation services at
Eskom, Dr Steve Lennon
Johannesburg, South Africa — esiafrica.wpengine.com — 25 October, 2010 – Eskom Holdings (Pty) Limited (Eskom) and The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have signed a memorandum of agreement to collaborate in the area of research and development.

A statement issued here announcing this development, confirmed that collaboration would be in a variety of areas ranging from energy modelling to future generation, storage and end technologies.

The statement added that the agreement aimed to leverage the strengths of both organisations to provide mutual benefit to Eskom and the CSIR, while contributing to addressing national challenges such as climate change and water scarcity. Co-operation between Eskom and the CSIR would take place and would be complemented by specific agreements on individual projects.

Eskom divisional executive for corporation services, Dr Steve Lennon said the utility recognised the importance of research and development in the energy sector. ‘We recognise that both Eskom and the CSIR have different skills and facilities which, when combined, have the potential to deliver world class research outputs in the energy space,’ he said.

CEO and president of the CSIR, Dr Sibusiso Sibusi commented: “Eskom and the CSIR are moving forward through research and technology in finding the best energy solutions to support South Africa’s growth and development aspirations.”