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Energy saving products to be manufactured in Nigeria

08 October 2008 – UK company, Freeplay Energy and Nigeria’s Zinox Technologies will be opening a plant in Nigeria to produce energy efficient communications and lighting equipment.  According to Freeplay Energy CEO, David Lloyd, in addition to employing thousands of Nigerians, the plant would deploy millions of energy efficient products across Africa.

"Our exclusive partnership with the digital accessories division of Zinox Technologies is to build a plant that will assemble these globally certified products in Nigeria and distribute to other countries in Africa – except South Africa. We are partnering with Zinox because of its passion to develop Africa and its reputation outside Nigeria as a company to trust," he said.

Freeplay Energy is partnering with Unicef, USAid and a other development agencies to distribute its products to less developed communities in countries such as Kenya and India.  This includes products such as the Indigo Lantern, the Kito Lantern, the Eyemax Radio and the Jonta Flashlights, all designed to perform despite tough conditions.

“This will help to usher in a new culture of energy conservation in a country where security lights are left on 24/7, adding to that, candles and paraffin lamps are extremely hazardous to health, often messy, as well as expensive to maintain,” said Vivian Abii, Zinox executive director.