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Electricity in Liberia an EU priority

According to the EU Deputy Director-General for Development and Cooperation, Mr. Klaus Rudischhauser, reliable electricity supply in Liberia is a hinderance to productivity and increasing job opportunities in the West African country.

Rudischhauser said that affordable energy must be provided to Liberians to help reduce poverty, increase opportunity and develop the economy.

During his visit, the EU executive met with authorities of the Ministries of Lands, Mines and Energy, Finance, and relevant stakeholders in the energy sector.

He told reporters that access to “affordable and sustainable energy remains an enabling factor” for infrastructure and economic developments in post conflict Liberia.

“The Government of Liberia (GOL) has chosen energy to be the most priority for the next 7 years of cooperation with the EU. We had discussions with the Minister of Energy and all the other donors who are providing assistance to Liberia in the field of energy.

Reliable access to energy is still one of the big problems that this country’s government has identified. Energy is key for economic activities, transportation, health, education and agriculture. Access to energy is still limited here. The prices are extremely high because the source of energy is mainly destroyed,” he stated.

Re-affirming EU support for Liberia, Rudischhauser told reporters that 217 million Euros had been put aside by the EU for Liberia’s power sector development.  According to him, the EU is currently discussing with authorities of the Liberian government for additional support to be allocated over the next seven years.