22 September 2009 – The Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG)upgrading and expansion of existing lines and building of new ones have helped to improve electricity supply to residents in most parts of Greater Accra and the Eastern Regions, an official said at the weekend.

The utility has put up a new 11,000 watts line to link two existing ones serving Ogbojo and surrounding communities in Accra had made the electricity supply situation better in those areas.  This is all part of the distribution utility’s strategy to cut down on losses and enhance the efficiency of the system.

ECG in a presentation to the PURC (Power Utilities Regulatory Commission) in June, outlined short to long-term measures to address consumer concerns about its services over the next 3 years.

The visit took the team to project sites at Legon, Agbogba township junction, Pantang and Mamfe. The projects are being funded by ECG through internally generated funds.

Mr. Detornoo of PURC said increasing the capacity and replacing the old copper conductors with aluminium ones, which could carry more load had resulted in improved voltage and quality supplies.

"With the enhanced capacity of the lines, outages have been contained unless they are done for planned maintenance, " he said, adding that the unique feature of these investments is that it was being funded by the Company.

Mr. Detornoo said to meet the increasing demand and improve the quality of supply; there was the need to continuously invest in system upgrade and Network expansion and asked customers to pay their monthly bills on time to enable the company invest.

ECG has undertaken projects worth about 54.4M USD in the sub-transmission and distribution networks. Despite these investments, the existing network is being stretched, by increasing demand of existing and new customers.

This has led to some deterioration of the quality of supply and frequent interruptions in distribution networks.