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Earth Hour 2015: Ghana takes part to tackle climate change

Earth Hour
Earth Hour: creating awareness about climate change globally. Pic credit:sosj

On Saturday, 28 March 2015 at 8:30pm the world will unite in darkness for one hour in support of global Earth Hour by switching off all non-essential lights to raise awareness for climate change.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) initiative, which started in 2007, aims to make people aware of the harmful effects of climate change and how each person can do their bit to make a difference.

Ghana to take part in Earth Hour

Ghana will be participating in its first Earth Hour this year as part of the West African country’s to promote energy conservation in households and industries to curb the negative impacts of climate change, a local media agency reported.

According to media, the Nature and Development Foundation (NDF), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), will host a ceremony at the Athletic Oval of the University of Ghana to officially mark Earth Hour.

Earth Hour 2014

Last year the City of Cape Town was awarded the title of Global Earth Hour Capital 2014 by WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge (EHCC).

This is an achievement for the city who made it to the top out of 160 cities from 14 countries who entered. Other finalists included: Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Brussels Capital Region, Belgium; Chicago, United States; Coimbatore, India; Copenhagen, Denmark; Edmonton, Canada; Lappeenranta, Finland; Mexico City, Mexico; Monteria, Colombia; Muangklang, Thailand; Semarang, Indonesia; Seoul, South Korea; and Stockholm, Sweden.

WWF said in a statement: “The judges found that Cape Town stood out as a role model for the global South with a showcase of green programmes and actions other cities can replicate. Cape Town also demonstrates how city strategies to reduce carbon development and battle climate change can also help tackle other development priorities such as food, energy and water security.”

South Africa saved a total of 575MW of power during Earth Hour last year enough electricity to power a city the size of Polokwane, Eskom said.

About Earth Hour

Earth Hour was founded by WWF in 2007, motivated by an intitative in Sydney Australia where over 2.2million residents and 2,100 businesses turned off their lights and non-essential appliances for one hour to create awareness around coal-fired power and its impact on climate change.

Over 162 countries will be participating in Earth Hour 2015.

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