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Data centre group focuses on energy efficiency

Lehlohonolo Mokenela,
Research Analyst,
Frost & Sullivan
1 November 2012 – Business Connexion manages over 80 data centres in South Africa on behalf of its clients, and this accounts for over a quarter of market share. “This success is partly due to the capabilities in energy efficiencies that the company has built over time, designed to not only create energy efficiency internally, but also include delivery of services to clients,” Frost & Sullivan’s information and communication technologies research analyst Lehlohonolo Mokenela, says. “The company has assisted clients in the manufacturing and hospitality industries, with expected energy savings of between 15% and 40%.”

Business Connexion has attempted to reduce electricity-related costs by adding a new dimension to its service portfolio − energy efficient assistance. It offers energy optimisation solutions across different industries. The company has been recognised as an Eskom-approved Energy Services Company (ESCO). This allows it to develop and deploy technology that will converse power within the commercial and industrial environments.

“In essence, Business Connexion has been certified to assist clients to achieve energy efficiencies in their processes, including their data centres,” Mokenela says. “As a result, the company would qualify for funding from Eskom in cases where it is able to demonstrate its contribution towards conserving energy, whether in its internal operations or in its service delivery to clients. This is expected to be a strategically important differentiating factor in the data centre market, particularly when companies start to come under legislative pressure to be more energy efficient.”

“Business Connexion has been able to retain, and even increase, its dominance in this market, despite the increasing competition by investing heavily in developing top-end data centre facilities,” Mokenela says. “The company’s flagship data centre in Midrand is rated at Tier IV.”

This followed an investment of R23 million since 2010, geared towards increasing the availability of electricity and expansion of usable space to accommodate project growth. It is expected that the data centre will generate at least 15% in energy savings for the company.