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Consumer electronics group commits to 49M

South Africa’s 49M energy saving campaign has announced a partnership with Hisense South Africa, one of the country’s biggest consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturing companies.

Pieter Pretorius, senior manager strategic marketing at Eskom says the new partnership is in line with the initiative’s strategic intent to join forces with businesses on common projects to drive sustainable living. “We believe a collective effort will make a huge difference in our efforts to encourage the country to lead an energy efficient lifestyle.”

Jerry Liu, GM of Hisense South Africa says, “We’ve always looked for ways to contribute positively to the environment that we operate in with our focus mainly on energy-saving programmes.” Liu says Hisense SA has been working very closely with the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) to educate the public on how to use consumer electronics and home appliances to save energy.

Before the partnership with GBCSA, Liu say Hisense, which boasts a workforce of over 75,000 worldwide, had also ensured that energy efficiency was at the core of the development of its new products when they launched the new manufacturing facility in Cape Town in June 2013.

Hisense South Africa’s pledge signing brings to 135 the number of businesses and organisations that have pledged to cut down on their energy usage by introducing various energy efficient solutions.

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