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Classic building goes green

Green buildings,
such as the Ballard
Library in Seattle,
USA, are becoming
increasingly necessary
in the face of
increasing energy
and resource demand
15 October 2008 – Cape Town’s 14 Loop Street building, built in 1904, is being refurbished and converted to a ‘green’ building, while retaining its 1904 character.

The greening of the building includes “large double-glazed, tinted, openable windows that let in lots of natural light and require substantially less air conditioning. Recycled materials were used in the renovation. In addition, power consumption will be reduced and water will be collected off the roof for reticulation into the building’s grey water system.”

Says Rob Kane, director of Vunani Properties, the company responsible for the greening: “There is always a balance between commercial viability and wanting to provide sustainable developments. With 14 Loop Street, we seem to have achieved an acceptable balance”

The process, which began in September, is due to completion by the end of the year and is estimated at some US$4.5 million.