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Chinese company aims at clean energy production

Datong seeks coal
mines as well as
clean energy
Tianjin, China — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 16 November 2010 – Datong Coal Mine Group “’ China’s third-largest state-owned coal producer “’ has revealed its surprise intention of branching out into clean energy production.

Datong president Wu Yongping said the company “’ parent of the Shanghai-listed Datong Coal Industry Company Limited “’ intended branching into such clean energy production as solar cells, poly-silicon and batteries. This was part of larger plans to tap into the country’s growing demand,” he told Reuters here on the sidelines of a mining conference.

Wu went on to say that the company was also seeking coal mines overseas, and that it plans to invest "tens of billions" in the new energy sector as part of its five-year development plan.

“We are mainly looking at partnerships in these overseas ventures, but we won’t rule out developing any mines on our own,” he added.