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Brazil and Mozambique sign energy accord

Energy ministers Márcio
Zimmermann of Brazil
& Salvador Namburete
of Mozambique sign
an MOU on energy
24 June 2010 – The ministers of energy of Brazil and Mozambique have signed a memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation in the preparation and execution of studies, projects and programs in the field of energy.

The MOU was signed by Brazil’s minister of mines and energy, Márcio Zimmermann, and Mozambique’s minister of energy, Salvador Namburete, during the latter’s visit to Brazil last week.

The MOU, which is a result of the visit of Mozambique president Armando Guebuza to Brazil in June 2009, is aimed at boosting the realization of energy projects in Mozambique, and in particular on the development and mobilization of funding for the Tete-Maputo transmission link. The two countries will also share expertise in the construction of DC and AC transmission.

Under the terms of the MOU Brazil’s state energy company Eletrobras will carry out the study for construction of the 1,400 km transmission link, with should be concluded in the first quarter of 2011. The link will include two 800 kV DC lines and a third 400 kV AC line at an estimated cost of $1.4 billion.

Besides the ministers other parties who attended the signing from Brazil included the secretary of energy planning and development, Altino Ventura Filho, the secretary of energy, Josias Matos de Araújo, the secretary of petroleum, natural gas and renewable fuels, Marco Antônio Almeida Martins, special advisor Rubem Barbosa, the undersecretary-general for energy affairs of the Foreign Office, Ambassador André Amado, the undersecretary-general for energy and high technology, André Aranha Côrrea do Lago, the president of Eletrobras, José Antônio Muniz, and the superintendent of operations external to Eletrobras, Sinval Gama.

In the Mozambique delegation, the participants included the president of the Electricity Board Manuel Cuamba, the legal advisor to the minister Ilídio Bambo, and the head of international relations in the ministry of energy Laura Valente Nhancale.