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Battery producer wins award

24 July 2013 – Battery producer, Powertech Batteries, recently shared the manufacturer award in the SA Premier Business Awards, and was also a finalist in the green awards category. Organised by the department of trade and industry, Proudly South African and Brand SA, the SA Premier Business Awards recognise business excellence in South Africa. The awards were held for the first time this year with a total of 13 categories. Powertech Batteries shared the Manufacturer Awards with Bell Equipment.

One of the reasons for the award is that over the years, the company has developed an after-market battery for small Japanese, Korean and Chinese cars, and introduced the sealed, maintenance-free battery, a premium battery with a two-year warranty, and a low-cost entry-level battery.

MTN scooped the Green Award, but Powertech Batteries’s environmental approach earned it finalist status. “It was the first battery company in South Africa to have ISO 14001, 18001 and 9001 accreditation,” Glenn Geldenhuis, CEO of Powertech Batteries says. “We also have complete cradle to grave control of our product, including the necessary value chains for collecting spent product. In fact, we collect more than 90% of used product and we recycle more than 99% of the components of our used products.”

The company is busy reducing its carbon footprint by 2% per every rand earned per year for the next three years. The plan to achieve this includes upgrade of charging equipment, replacement of lead melting equipment to high efficiency inductive heating, more use of video and voice conferencing to cut down on air and road travel and an aggressive programme to use as little energy as possible and produce as little waste as possible for every product produced. It will also expand the power-factor correction systems to the rest of the factory, and adopt 24/7 shift patterns to reduce equipment start-ups and shut-downs, which waste a lot of energy.