Battery formation

Manufacturer and distributor of lead acid batteries in South Africa, First National Battery, has introduced new acid recirculation technology for the formation of automotive and traction batteries at its East London and Benoni factories.

The adoption of the new technology marks a paradigm shift from the traditional vented lead acid battery formation process. MD of First National Battery, Russell Bezuidenhout says, “The system embraces a closed formation process which has a reduced impact on the environment with the elimination of acid fumes, water loss and reduced energy consumption.”

The acid recirculation process lends itself extremely well to the production of Automotive Batteries, especially those used in heavy-duty vehicles. The process combines uniform and reputable quality with high productivity and high environmental compatibility.

Traction Batteries can be formed individually or in tailor-made fork truck tanks that significantly shorten the formation time. This results in improved delivery time and increased stock availability.

“There are more than 130 units in use throughout the world. They were custom made to suit First National Battery’s stringent specifications and can be expanded as demand dictates,” says Bezuidenhout, adding that these were the first of their kind to be installed in South Africa.

“The new technology also ensures improved quality as precise acid density constant temperature adjustment is an integral part of the process along with the use of uniform cell-to-cell voltages. High current can be used which means shorter formation time. Fewer production processes are required which also ensures less work in progress and a reduction of inventory.”

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