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Battery distribution rights acquired

30 September 2013 – International industrial battery manufacturer, Uniross has acquired the South African distribution rights for the Maxell range of industrial batteries. In addition to its own brand of industrial batteries, Uniross will add the Maxell range of dry cell batteries to its product offering.

This will include the coin-type lithium manganese dioxide battery, a small, lightweight battery with a wide range of applications, both for powering devices such as wristwatches and electronic calculators as well as electronic devices such as memory and RTC backup.
Michael Rogers, managing director of Uniross Batteries, says Maxell is a well-known and trusted Japanese manufacturer that has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for its production facilities in Japan.
“The chemical nature of any battery means that it can potentially pose an environmental risk Maxell’s ISO 14001 certification demonstrates its commitment to making a significant contribution to the environment and reducing any potentially harmful impacts which its manufacturing may have on the environment.  
“The Maxell brand will complement our existing Uniross range of industrial batteries which will now cover the most extensive battery offering available in South Africa,” he says.