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Association strive to empower lightning protection industry

The newly established South African Earthing and Lightning Protection Association (ELPA) is currently working towards the launch of its Certificates of Compliance (COC) programme by the end of November 2017.

According to the association this move is aimed at improving and empowering those in the lightning protection industry in bids to protect life as well as property.

Manas says, “It has been a concern for some time in the earthing and lightning protection industry that, currently, there are no formal recognitions or competencies required to sign off on the Lightning Protection Safety Report (or COC) – legally, no qualification is required.”

The organisation aims to assist with providing industry accreditations, certification, benchmarks for quality of design and installation, as well as information and education on lightning safety. Read more…

Manas adds: “Hence, ELPA has developed its own lightning protection system (LPS) safety report according to the SANS 10313 Code of Practice, allowing for only ELPA-accredited people with valid accreditation numbers to be able to sign off on an ELPA-certified COC.”

Lightning protection authority

ELPA’s director explains that this COC programme represents an integral part of ELPA becoming recognised as the lightning protection professional body of South Africa.

“When we look at the COC programme holistically, it entails the keeping of a register of all ELPA-accredited designers, installers and inspectors. The COC programme thus includes the register of designers and installers itself, and the inspectorate whose members check the work being done by the installers. All these elements are linked together and each is an integral part of the COC programme,” he says.

Once the system is live, Manas says that any member of the public will be able to log onto the ELPA website to check the register for accredited names.

“ELPA has two key objectives aligned to its aim of being recognised as the National Professional Body for earthing and lightning protection. These are to effectively administer a live and updated expertise and competencies registrar among the industry professionals, and to monitor compliance to technical standards of lightning protection designs and installations through a professional industry lightning protection inspectorate,” he emphasised.


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