12 October 2007 – MD 2010 (CEO’s office) Eskom, Johnny Dladla said last week that in order to provide an additional 2 010MW of electricity in time for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup, Eskom will embark on a ‘2010 virtual power station (VPS)’ project.

The project is made up of a number of initiatives, all adding a certain amount of electricity to cater for expected demand. The 2 010MW is "over and above what Eskom is bringing back by 2010" said Dladla, referring to the demothballing of some of Eskom’s power stations.

Elements in the VPS include load control through ripple control at key sites in the hospitality industry, creating about 100MW of electricity, as well as onsite generators, which will provide another 100M to stadiums, training venues and media centres.

Another 100MW is due to be generated by the Eskom wind farm, due to be operational mid-2009.

Additionally, a televised power alert, showing national electricity usage is expected to create another 100MW.

Eskom will also limit the amount of electricity being exported to the Southern African Power Pool during the World Cup.

Eskom will spend $14 billion by 2010, out of a$22 billion five year plan. According to Dladla, $1.5 billion will be spent to fast track projects in time for 2010.

Photo credit: Johnny Wakefield